Some tools to help you when creating or testing brand names

Healthcare companies face four key challenges when trying to develop and launch a global brand name

We help you create and secure the most suitable and most engaging name for your brand. To help you determine the scope of your brand name development or validation project and keep up-to-date with key regulations, we have pooled some useful references and resources for you.



The challenge to create a unique and compelling name that resonates with target audiences



To be certain that a name is appropriate across diverse global markets



To ensure that a name can be registered as a trademark, sometimes on a global scale



Securing approval from FDA, EMEA and other regulators

Global reach

A comprehensive list of countries and languages. These can be useful references when deciding on markets to test names in and languages to be kept in mind when developing and testing new brand names.

Drug databases

An overview of existing marketed drugs approved by FDA, EMA, and Health Canada.

Submission deadlines

Up-to-date information on submission deadlines and meeting dates.

Sources and examples of confusing names

Common medical abbreviations, symbols or dose designations known to cause medical errors and hence to be avoided plus a list of examples of confusing names.